Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ryan's Father

  I ran across a new-to-me author a few weeks ago, and she sent me a copy of her newest book for me to review. I am sharing it here to give her some more publicity and in case it interests anyway. The book is Christian fiction, and the main character is a young man struggling with same-sex attractions. The story is a bit unrealistic in one area. The main character, Ryan, overcomes his same-sex attractions and falls in love with a woman much faster than it can happen in real life. The author herself says at the end of the book that it doesn't happen that fast, so she is not trying to paint an unrealistic picture.

 I do believe it is possible for some to overcome it enough to feel attracted to and marry a woman, but it doesn't happen for everyone. I can't see it ever happening to me.

 But back to the book. The book is worth reading, and I feel the author did a great job of portraying the same-sex struggle and anguish of it in a young man wanting to live a pure and moral life for God. She also touched on one of the possible reasons or triggers for same-sex attractions in the book. Ryan's Father by June Foster.

 Author's blog/website: JuneFoster.com.

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